AF Satellite Control Network Contract

AFSCN Collision/Interference Control and Reporting Orbtial Analysis Subsystem

AFIT Center for Space Research and Assurance

Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) Center for Space Research and Assurance Relies on STK for Complex Modeling and Data Analysis.

Agilent Systemvue

Reducing Flight testing while improving effectiveness. co-simulation between agilent technologies systemvue

Airborne MASINT Mission Planning (AMMP)

Airborne MASINT Mission Planning (AMMP) creates new mission workflow with STK

Airborne Network Testing by Wyle

Wyle and STK Reduce Planning Cycle for Airborne Network Test Events.

Army FA40 DSAT

Army FA 40 Deployable Space Analysis Tool

Boeing Geospatial Data Visualization in 2D3

Boeing simplified Geospatial Data Visualization with Insight3D and STK components.

Combat Skysat NSAT

Combat Skysat analysis for Near Space

Commercial Satellite Imagery Acquisition Planning System

Defence Research and Development Canada runs Satellite Imagery Acquisition Planning on STK (CSIAPS)


Department of National Defence rapidly builds SSA tool

Dutch NLR Projects

STk Support NLR's Space Systems Engineering and Operations Projects.

Enterprise Collection Research Tool

Riverside Research builds web-based collection feasibility


Galileo in-orbit test operational planning

GD DRDC Mission Planner

General Dynamics and Defense R&D Canada develop custom mission planning application in 40% of allotted time.


MAF Develops an Operational UDOP Solution Using AGI Software

Goodrich Mission Planning

Goodrich and AGI Collaborate on development of DB-110 Tactical Reconnaissance Mission Planning System

Harris Uplink Array

Harris Corporation demonstrates first large reflector uplink array with real-time atmospheric compensation

JAXA Moon Mission


ManTech International Modeling & Simulation of a Degraded Environment

ManTech International Selects STK for Training, Exercise and Simulations

MDA SAR Imagery Products

MDA Incorporates AGI technology to enhance SAR Imagery Products, Enhanced Definitive Orbit Tool (EDOT)

Mercury Messenger

MIXSTEAM studies Mercury Messenger Data by building model to predict x-ray spectrometer count rates

NASA Artemis

Artemis Achieves Unprecedented Orbit

NASA Glenn Comm Architecture

NASA Space Communication Network Architecture analysis.

NASA JPL Jupiter Models

NASA JPL Plugin provides interface to Jupiter environmental models

NASA Kepler

Ball Aerospace uses STK to provide key risk reduction for NASA's Kepler Mission

NASA LADEE Flight Dynamics

STK software and ODTK-based flight dynamics systems take NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) to the Moon.

NAVAIR Telemetry Software

NAVAIR and GeoLogics Maximize Effectiveness of Telemetry Receivers with New Software Based on STK Engine from AGI STK Enhances Visualization, Reduces Personnel Requirements

NAVSOC Flight Dynamics

US Navy NAVSOC Flight Dynamics Operational Software

Nevada Test Site

National Security Technologies implements situational awareness at the Nevada Test Site

NORAD Homeland Security

NORAD's advanced visualization tool for homeland security.

Orbital ATK Cygnus

Orbital ATK's Cygnus Spacecraft Fly High with Flight Dynamics powered by STK.

RAF Fylingdales

Royal AIr Force Fylingdales used STK to replace legacy system used for Space Situational Awareness

Raytheon Eastern Range

STK solution was key element of winning Computer Sciences Raytheon Eastern Range Technical Services

Riverside Research ACPT

Riverside Research builds Automated Collection Planning Tool

RT Logic Hardware simulator

Hardware-in-the-loop generation of precision RF/IF signals

Serco MBSE

Enhanced system architecture design and evaluation

Signature Analytics Missile Defense software

AGI software helps Signature Analytics win Missile Defense Agency new business.

Space Data Association

AGI does COLA and RFI interference analysis for SDA's Space Data Center

Suritec Activity-Based Intelligence

Suritec Integrates STK Engine into Framework for Activity-Based Intelligence Analysis.

TASC Ops Tool Set

TASC reduces Air Force Space Command operator execution time with STK Engine.

UAV Geolocation Payload

Test and Evaluation of UAV GEOLOCATION Payload by Coalition Warfare Program

USAF A9 Future ISR

Custom logic for Airborne Early Warning. Headquarters USAF A9 Assess future ISR acquisition program risk

USMC Ad-Hoc Network

USMC studying mobile ad-hoc network communications architectures


USMC Corps Combat Development Command


United States Marine Corp optimizes sensor coverage and anticipates enemy surveillance capability using STK.

USMC Radar Acquisition

United States Marine Corp Combat Operations Assess Radar Effectiveness and Saves Nearly $300 Million in Acquisition Costs.

USSTRATCOM Global Awareness Presentation Services

ProLogic Develops Global Awareness Presentation Services for USSTRATCOM

Wallops Range Support

STK in Launch Range Support Analysis