Perform automated trade studies with the fully integrated analysis capabilities of ModelCenter®.

STK Analyzer blends the engineering analysis capabilities of ModelCenter with STK. Explore the design space of your systems with parametric studies, carpet plots, Design of Experiments (DOE) tests, probabilistic analysis, and optimization algorithms. ModelCenter is developed by Phoenix Integration.

Image from STK Analyzer, AGI

Use cases

  • Determining how the number of orbit planes and satellites in a constellation will affect coverage analysis.
  • Understanding how launch errors could affect the orbit of your satellite and its overall mission plan.
  • Computing the tradeoffs between sensor orientations and focal parameters on your coverage quality.


  • Store trade study configurations and results.
  • Built in data explorer to plot and investigate the trade study results.
  • Plots are interactive and customizable.
  • Computations can be scaled with STK Parallel Computing.
  • Extensible with STK Optimizer.