Design and operate satellite systems with specialized propagators, attitude profiles, and satellite engineering tools.

STK SatPro extends Systems Tool Kit (STK) into the realm of high fidelity satellite systems modeling and analysis. The propagators included in SatPro can incorporate numerical integration and differential equations of motion, compute ephemeris for months and years, and integrate specialized propagation methods. SatPro also transforms attitude analysis for designers and operators with attitude spheres, attitude coverage, and tailored profiles and constraints. Finally, SatPro provides you with a collection of satellite engineering tools that model a satellite's surface area, mass, solar panel configuration, and more.

Image from STK SatPro, AGI

Use cases

  • Computing high-fidelity or long-term orbit propagation.
  • Computing a satellite's covariance. 
  • Propgating orbits based on SP3 files.
  • Modeling targeted pointing.
  • Simulating attitude states with custom torque models and momentum biases.
  • Modeling a Walker constellation.
  • Evaluating solar panel performance.
  • Determing the life span of a satellite's orbit.
  • Generating TLEs.


  • Orbit propagation methods essential to operations.
  • Attitude options and tools for rapid design and effective operations.
  • Engineering tools for a wide range of design considerations.