Add guidance strategies, rotorcraft models, and missile models to your STK Aviator repertoire.

STK Aviator Pro extends STK Aviator by adding advanced maneuvers that dynamically respond to other aircraft. It also adds an air combat simulator and supports user-defined catalog models for rotorcraft and missiles.

STK Aviator Prop Nav adds ITAR hypersonic and weapons models to Aviator Pro.

Image from STK Aviator Pro / Prop Nav, KC-135 and F-16

Use cases

  • Modeling aircraft that are flying in formation.
  • Simulating a trajectory that accurately models the flight of a missile.
  • Modeling two Aviator aircraft flying against each other simultaneously.


  • Intercept, Relative Bearing, Rendezvous / Formation, and Stationkeeping guided flight maneuvers.
  • Air Combat Simulation Tool quickly models one aircraft pursuing another.
  • Missile and rotorcraft models are stored in catalogs, available to all STK scenarios.