Design high-fidelity spacecraft trajectories for mission planning and operations.

STK Astrogator models spacecraft trajectories and reveals mission-critical insights into them. Develop, refine, and validate solutions, then return to update subsequent stages of the mission in response to flight performance. Astrogator’s versatile and modular architecture provides a framework for addressing most spaceflight trajectory problems.

Image from STK Astrogator, AGI

Use cases

  • Planning high-fidelity, multi-regime trajectories.
  • Modeling rendezvous and proximity operations.
  • Planning maneuvers with search profiles to achieve specific results.
  • Modeling stationkeeping in any regime.
  • Designing initial trajectories.
  • Developing interplanetary missions.


  • Supports trajectory design in all phases of mission planning, from initial estimations to final high-fidelity solutions.
  • Includes industry-standard optimization algorithms and high-fidelity force models.
  • Supports custom scripting and plugins.
  • Enables you to create custom, repeatable workflows to automate regular tasks and data products.
  • Supports impulsive and finite maneuvers.
  • Provides 3D visualization in STK.