Assess vulnerability to safeguard your space assets.

Space Object Threat Assessment (SOTA) helps you determine the risk of a threat object targeting another object. It provides a measure of vulnerability (called the Vanguard Number) that characterizes how likely a specific action is and how soon it could happen. You can conduct this vulnerability analysis quickly and simultaneously for all operational assets to provide mission assurance for any space-based system. This analysis supports all orbit regimes: LEO to LEO, GEO to GEO, LEO to GEO, and everything in between.

Image from SOTA, AGI

Use cases

  • Analyzing potential ASAT activity.
  • Supporting missions in real time.
  • Fusing simulated and live data for training and exercises.
  • Assessing constellation vulnerability.
  • Identifying the most likely targets of rendezvous or intercept activity.
  • Wargaming and operational exercises
  • Analyzing alternatives when planning threat avoidance maneuvers.
  • Assessing the vulnerability of all mission options.


  • Exhaustively maps out the solution space.
  • Prioritizes potential threats.
  • Helps clarify the intent of hostile actions.
  • Rapidly updates in response to changes.