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Training is coming to town

By: Maggie Handler

If you prefer hands-on, instructor-led learning, the Space and Defense Software Expo is the place to be. Whether you are brand new to our software or if you have years of experience under your belt, we have something for you. We look forward to working with you soon.

Nova Kazmi and Rich DeYoung are excited to teach you!

Here is the big list of topics we’ll be covering:

Training Class Title Description
STK Fundamentals. Where is the International Space Station?  Model a real-world satellite orbit and use STK to determine when you can see it fly overhead at night from your own house.
Spacecraft Mission Profile Analysis using STK SOLIS  SOLIS allows users to comprehensively model all spacecraft subsystems and execute full-mission simulations. In this training session, SOLIS will be used to trade spacecraft design parameters and the mission profile to arrive at a solution that meets the overall mission objectives. 
Introduction to Creating Movies and Model Articulations  Learn how to create a custom model articulation. Use the Movie Timeline  to create a simple movie showcasing the custom articulation. 
Satellite Constellation Design   Determine if a future satellite constellation can cover the ocean waters and if adjusting the requirements might lead to better results. 
Introduction to Designing Satellite Trajectories with STK Astrogator  Familiarize yourself with the basic functionality in STK Astrogator and learn how to use it to launch a satellite into orbit.
Using STK Astrogator for LEO Rendezvous and Proximity Operations  Learn the basic steps in modeling missions of one satellite approaching another already in orbit using STK Astrogator. We will model two satellites already in the same plane, with an “Inspector” trailing a “Target Satellite” in True Anomaly, and will target two in-plane burns to approach and subsequently circumnavigate the target.
Introduction  to Integrating STK with MATLAB, Python, and Excel Learn how to interface with STK from other applications, including MATLAB, Python and Excel. We will cover how to control STK and create and manipulate STK Objects through the use of the STK Object Model and external applications.
Introduction to Extending the Computational Capabilities of STK through Analysis Workbench  Learn how to use the Vector Geometry Tool to determine an angle between a satellite tracking vector and a sun vector. With the Calculation Tool, create a scalar and condition to determine when the angle falls within a critical value. Using the Time Tool, merge an access and the critical angle to determine optimal tracking times. 
Introduction to Modeling Aircraft Missions using STK Aviator  Learn how to model a sequence of curves parameterized  by well-known performance characteristics of aircraft.
Introduction to the Test & Evaluation Toolkit  This hands-on tutorial will give an overview of the T&E Toolkit from a post-flight analysis perspective. You will reconstruct a test flight by loading Time Space Position Information (TSPI) data and track files from measured sensor data. You will then compare the measured data with the truth data and evaluate if your measures of performance are meeting system specifications. 
Modeling GPS Position Accuracy using STK Coverage  Use STK Coverage to  model the area covered by an aircraft as it flies across the US. Model the ability of the aircraft to get accurate GPS measurements, along its route, during its flight. 
Tracking an Aircraft using Aviator and Radar Model a UAV test to determine  if a radar system can track  the UAV and if an experimental tethered aerostat  can jam the surveillance radar.  

Topics will vary per city. Please choose your schedule when you register. More cities and dates will be announced soon.

If you want to learn something that is not on our list, stop by the Tech Zone and one of our experts will be happy to teach you.

Sign up to attend the Space and Defense Software Expo, where you can come meet our expert developers, attend our most relevant hands-on training courses, learn about our new enterprise and space situational awareness products, and network with local colleagues. We hope to see you at one of the following locations (click to register):

Posted: 9/16/2018 2:31:01 AM