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New products coming to town

By: Maggie Handler

AGI will be debuting several new and updated products at the Space and Defense Software Expo, including:

  • STK 11.5. The new release includes support for glTF, multi-function radar (see below), and more.
  • Space Object Threat Assessment (SOTA). SOTA provides automated satellite threat vulnerability analysis, decreasing risks to satellite missions and increasing survivability against threats by assessing an object’s vulnerability to another object’s actions or events.
  • Maneuver Processing Tool (MPT). MPT is an ODTK plugin that automatically characterizes non-cooperative maneuvers. 
  • Space Event Generator (SEG). SEG is standalone, commercial software for SSA test, training, and exercise (TTX) support. It allows an operator –  not an astrodynamics expert – to quickly and accurately create space events via easy to use workflows. SEG provides a simple way to produce ephemeris and observations for simulated space objects. 
  • Voyager. Voyager is a visual mission designer intended to help spacecraft mission analysts plan, examine, and evaluate missions that include an inspector spacecraft operating near and around another spacecraft or “Resident Space Object” (RSO). 
  • Geospatial content server. Provides a comprehensive enterprise solution for hosting, processing, serving, and analyzing terrain, imagery, and other heterogeneous 3D data. 
  • STK Enterprise Server. STK Enterprise provides centralized access to dynamic environmental data required by STK to ensure the fidelity of visual and analytical outputs, as well as enabling enterprise-wide collaboration. Customers can also maximize the value of their computing investments by distributing CPU intensive tasks across underutilized networked assets. 
  • STK Radar. Multi-function enhancements to the STK Radar module allows modeling and performance analysis of phased-array type radar systems with multiple simultaneous tasks. Radar provides thorough analysis and graphic displays of radar systems.  
  • Orbit Determination Toolkit (ODTK). ODTK Engine 6.6 cross-platform API supports both Linux and Windows environments using new cross-platform libraries that support integration with Matlab, Python, and C++. 

Sign up to attend the Space and Defense Software Expo, where you can come meet our expert developers, attend our most relevant hands-on training courses, learn about our new enterprise and space situational awareness products, and network with local colleagues. We hope to see you at one of the following locations (click to register):

Posted: 9/17/2018 2:01:00 PM