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Discuss industry challenges with our experts

By: Maggie Handler

Our developers and experts have been hard at work building presentations to discuss some of the latest trends and hardest problems that they see in the industry today. Here are some of the topics that they’ll discuss at the Space and Defense Software Expo this fall.

  • Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Digital Engineering. Steps you can take today as engineering evolves into the future.
  • Automated Space System Architecture Design. How to recognize that in in the early stages of architecture trades, you want to be able to make logical system engineering assumptions to simplify the model to allow you to accomplish more ahead of time and identify the key architecture drivers.
  • Rapid Spacecraft Design. How modern simulation tools can accelerate the design life-cycle.
  • Low Thrust Trajectory Optimization. As low-thrust trajectories go mainstream into everyday operations, planning and designing them must evolve as well.
  • Spacecraft Proximity Operations. Learn about modern tools and methods for rendezvous operations planning and designing relative orbits.
  • Multi-Satellite Orbit Determination. Spacecraft in close proximity to each other present many challenges for orbit determination.
  • Space Threat OODA Loop. Learn about the steps in the process of defense against space threats.
  • Detecting and Processing Through Maneuvers with Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK). Rapid maneuver detection and characterization is a critical element of Space Situational Awareness (SSA).
  • Preparing Your Flight Dynamics Team for Your Mission. Simulation of nominal and off-nominal mission events can sharpen operator skills. Is your team ready?
  • Lessons Learned from Software Development. Testing is the key to successful development. But where do you get useful test data?
  • Space Object Threat Assessment (SOTA). Automated satellite threat vulnerability analysis for better decisions.
  • Test, Training, and Exercises for Space Professionals. Are your tools up for the task?
  • Addressing Small Satellite Communication Issues. Traditional methods might have trouble keeping pace with this new technology trend.
  • RF Communication Issues. In today environment and with tomorrow’s super constellations, RF interference is now an everyday fact of life.
  • Thermal Tracking Hard Targets from Space. Analyzing geometries and detectability of hypersonic gliders at various temperatures with different backgrounds in the EOIR spectrum.
  • Modernizing T&E Test Flight Execution Phase. Most of the engineering disciplines in A&D have enjoyed years of maturing software tools, but the test discipline has been largely unsupported by tool developers.
  • Scheduling complex dynamic systems. Create and update plans faster and with fewer resources.

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Posted: 9/17/2018 1:40:20 PM