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So what can you do at the Space and Defense Software Expo? 

By: Maggie Handler

At the Space and Defense Software Expo, your day will be filled with hands-on trainings and discussions about hot industry topics and challenging problems. Chief Orbital Scientist, Dr. Jim Woodburn will kick us off with opening remarks, but make sure to have your toughest questions ready from the start. Throughout the event we’ll have subject matter experts delve into their favorite subjects. For example:

  • Doug Cather, Space Operations Technical Director, will share his knowledge on Space Threat OODA Loop, Space Object Threat Assessment (SOTA), and other developing space threat situations
  • Want to learn about hypersonics? Senior software engineer Patrick North is excited to talk about thermal tracking from space.

With more than 15 specialists on-site, there will be lots of geeking-out with some of the best and brightest.

And those tough questions? While one presentation is happening, the rest of our experts will be available one-on-one. We’ll have extra workstations set up so you can get into real discussions on real issues. And if you’re thinking about learning how to accomplish simple tasks like calculating satellite overflights or planning advanced orbital maneuvers for proximity operations and LEO rendezvous, we’ve got you covered there too. Take a look at what trainings we’re offering and pick your favorites.

We’ll be serving breakfast and lunch to keep up your strength, and a happy hour to relax at the end of the day. Register now for free.

The Space and Defense Software Expo Daily Agenda

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Posted: 10/3/2018 7:45:13 PM