Plan, execute, and maintain flight dynamics and mission activities for operational satellite systems.

Flying satellites isn’t for the faint of heart. You take a vehicle stuffed with expensive technology, strap it to an exploding tube, and eject it from Earth into space. And that’s just the beginning. No matter how thoroughly you planned your satellite’s mission or how successfully it launched into orbit, unanticipated conditions arise that must be dealt with quickly and precisely. Space is a high-risk environment, and an operational failure can be the end of your mission.

With so many complications in the mission environment, you need a software solution that's simple — a single platform to analyze and manage all your challenges:

  • Tracking satellites
  • Ensuring safety-of-flight
  • Designing maneuvers
  • Computing mission events including contact times, eclipse times, and pass times
  • Resolving and investigating anomalies such as unexpected orbit changes
  • Distributing orbital information to other tools and organizations

AGI software can help you significantly streamline processes and mitigate risks.

Need more information?

Design trajectories

Use STK Astrogator to design trajectories including nominal maneuvers and station-keeping strategies.

Estimate orbits and update maneuver planning

Use ODTK to estimate orbits based on observations. The updated orbit estimates can flow into Astrogator to replan station keeping or other maneuvers.

Update Planned Maneuvers

Uplink maneuvers from STK/Astrogator to the spacecraft and flow them to ODTK in preparation for the next orbit determination run.

Update Mission Planning Products

Use your latest orbit solution from ODTK to update your mission planning products like ground site acquisition times, eclipse predicts, payload access times to the areas of interest on the ground, and communication link margin analysis.

Fill in the Gaps

Use AGI Components to fill in any information gaps and generate data products that can be used in other tools or operational status displays.

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