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Digital engineering is necessary, but not enough. A persistent mission model is essential to recognizing the full value of the digital engineering enterprise. And a physics-based, multi-domain software environment is essential for building true digital twins at both the platform and the mission level.

Join AGI and our partners for a virtual forum that will explore real-world experiences implementing digital engineering and extending it to the mission level — from design and testing to operations and analysis.

Tuesday, December 1

1-4:30 p.m. EST

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Kickoff Speaker

Prith Banerjee, Ansys

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Prith leads the evolution of Ansys' technology strategy and champions the company's innovation and growth. Dr. Banerjee will kick-off the day by providing his insights on the key technical ingredients for the digital transformation with a focus on the important role of digital twins. Prith’s presentation will draw on his unique experience - from serving in academia and industry, to leading research labs and large engineering teams, to founding startups.

Keynote Speakers

Carol Erikson, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Vice President, Systems Engineering and Digital Transformation Space Systems

Carol leads the systems engineering and digital transformation initiatives across the Northrop Grumman Space Systems sector. These initiatives enable team members to apply Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Integrated Digital Environment (IDE) and other transformational approaches. Carol will reflect on her experience with applying DME and DMO throughout the program life cycle — from architecture and concept studies through program execution, product delivery, and sustainment.

Tom Lockhart, United States Air Force

Director of Engineering and Technical Management, Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, Hill Air Force Base

Thomas A. Lockhart, Jr. is a member of the Senior Executive Service and is the Director of Engineering and Technical Management, Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, Hill Air Force Base, Utah. Mr. Lockhart is also the team leader for the USAF Digital Campaign, Line of Effort 1: Integrated Environment — Models and Tools. Mr. Lockhart will share experiences and insights from the perspective of the USAF Digital Campaign.

Featured Speakers

Chris Blake, MAYA HTT

Space Systems Thermal Analysis as Part of the Digital Mission Engineering Stack

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Ting-Shuo Che, The MITRE Corporation

Extending DoD DES to Missions with Computer Aided Flight Test and Evaluation

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Tom Wheeler, The MITRE Corporation

Digital Engineering and Next Generation Military Systems

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Moriba Jah, University of Texas, Austin

Toward a Space Domain Digital Twin for Decision Intelligence

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Ivan Gomes, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Connected Engineering for a Connected World, Featuring Mars 2020, Jupyter, SysML v2, and OpenMBEE

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Dr. Blake Regalia, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Connected Engineering for a Connected World, Featuring Mars 2020, Jupyter, SysML v2, and OpenMBEE

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Andrew Wallinger, ManTech

Space Range: Augmenting Physics-Based Modeling with Enterprise Digital Twins

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Stephen Thomas, Parsons Corporation

ARAMCO Refinery Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) Architecture Analysis

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Ricardo Freire, Ministério da Defesa, Brazil

Digital Engineering Applications in Satellite Operations

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Participating Partners

Visit and interact with our partners in their virtual "booths" when the event platform goes live.


If you've ever seen a rocket launch, flown on an airplane, driven a car, used a computer, touched a mobile device, crossed a bridge, or put on wearable technology, chances are you've used a product where Ansys software played a critical role in its creation. Ansys is the global leader in engineering simulation.


Cesium is the foundational open platform for software applications designed to unleash the power of 3D geospatial data.


COMSPOC provides software products and services that deliver precise space domain awareness. Our mission assurance services are the most accurate and complete in the private sector. Our products provide comprehensive analysis capabilities for the space operations community. COMSPOC’s next-generation space catalog leverages data from commercial sensors and advanced commercial off-the-shelf software, offering more accuracy and readiness to the space domain than other, more costly alternatives.

Keysight Technologies

Keysight’s complete range of test and measurement hardware and software solutions help you reinvent your electronic product design processes with seamless workflows, deeper insights, and expert consulting. PathWave design and test software provides a consistent user experience, and control interfaces to ensure your product development is connected and integrated. PathWave System Design’s (SystemVue) connections to STK take DME to the next level, bringing RF system simulation to your mission.


OneSky provides analytics for aerospace systems, particularly within the commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS) market. OneSky enhances mission planning with advanced safety-of-flight analysis, putting powerful predictive capabilities into the hands of pilots, operators, and integrators.

Phoenix Integration

ModelCenter® is a vendor-neutral software framework for creating and automating multi-tool workflows, optimizing product designs, and enabling MBSE. It is used by leading organizations worldwide to reduce development costs, improve engineering efficiency, stimulate innovation, and design more competitive products. Successful applications can be found in multiple industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, energy, heavy industry, and shipbuilding.

Advanced Solutions Inc. (ASI)

ASI provides space flight and simulation software to enable rapid and reliable mission success. Our MAX Flight Software has over 100 years of on-orbit experience on numerous platforms, bringing immediate maturity to spacecraft programs. STK SOLIS provides spacecraft simulation, commanding, and control for all major spacecraft subsystems within the STK environment via a desktop version of MAX Flight Software - allowing users to rapidly configure and simulate almost any type of spacecraft design.


Orbit Logic

Orbit Logic specializes in mission planning, scheduling, and space situational awareness software. Orbit Logic's operationally proven software products create better plans faster with fewer resources, more insight, and less risk. Their highly configurable desktop, web, mobile, and onboard software supports analysis and operations for domains including aerial/satellite imaging and space/ground networking. Orbit Logic developed and maintains STK Scheduler, a STK add-on module.

See STK Scheduler

SCALABLE Network Technologies

SNT provides network design, modeling and analysis tools, cyber training systems, and engineering support. EXata®/QualNet network simulation platforms extend virtual network models to include mobility of nodes and high-fidelity modeling of radio signal propagation and path-loss from antenna orientation and movement. The STK interface combines network performance evaluation with platform models, wireless link calculations, and visualization to analyze network performance impacts to the mission.