Educational Alliance Program

The Educational Alliance Program (EAP) allows educators to introduce a new dimension to the classroom by giving students hands-on experience with industry-leading software. Created in 1996, the program now serves thousands of students at academic institutions worldwide. The EAP provides eligible colleges, universities, military training institutions, high schools and nonprofit educational groups with licensing of AGI products for instructional use. The included license suite extends the basic STK competencies with advanced analytical capabilities allowing students and instructors to create dynamic, 3D scenarios of complex space, air, ground and underwater-related topics and solve real analysis problems.


As EAP program participants, students prepare for their future careers using the most innovative industry tools available. Access to the EAP license suite also allows students to enter EAP grant competitions and practice for AGI’s STK Certification exams. These are great resume boosters and grant entrance to the STK social-user community. With this exposure and training, students are well-equipped to enter the workforce and change the world.