With AGI's Educational Alliance Program (EAP), educators can give students hands-on experience with our software. Created in 1996, the program now serves thousands of students at academic institutions worldwide.

The EAP provides eligible colleges, universities, military training institutions, high schools, and nonprofit educational groups with Systems Tool Kit (STK) licenses for instructional use. Students and instructors can create and visualize dynamic scenarios of complex space, air, ground, and marine systems to solve real-world problems. Students can also use their licensed software to enter grant competitions and practice for AGI’s STK Certification tests.

As EAP participants, students prepare for their future careers using AGI’s innovative software. With this opportunity and training, students are well equipped to enter the workforce and change the world.


How much does it cost to join the Educational Alliance Program (EAP)?

For programs in the United States, joining the EAP is free.

How do I enroll my school in the EAP?

Professors, teachers, and administrators can sign up for the EAP using the Join/Renew Membership link. If you’re a student, then please talk to your instructor about enrolling your school.

Can I join the EAP if I am outside the U.S.?

Click the "International" button above to send us an email request. We'll verify if your school qualifies for the EAP.