Level 3 - Summer School 2018

Join us for our virtual L3 summer school training!

The L3 STK Grand Master Certification Program is comprised of 7 tracks that you can choose from based on your area(s) of expertise or interest. This summer, we’ll be running a virtual training series that will cover 3 of those tracks in their entirety - STK Analysis Workbench, STK Coverage, and Spacecraft Trajectory. Each lesson required for each track will be taught in separate, one hour long virtual training classes with a live instructor and AGI Engineers on the line to answer questions in real time. You are welcome to join us for one or all of these series to get started on your certification. If you complete 4 or more tracks (the 4th on your own), you will earn the title of STK Grand Master.


Track 2: Analysis Workbench

This L3 Track covers the Time, Vector Geometry, Calculation and Spatial Analysis Tools. Trainees will learn to streamline, organize and extend the fundamental capabilities of STK.

Track 3: STK Coverage

This L3 Track teaches trainees how to use the Coverage tool. Trainees will learn how to analyze when and how well regions on or above the central body's surface are "covered" by a collection of assets based on a user-defined performance criteria.

Track 6: Spacecraft Trajectory

This L3 Track teaches trainees how to use the Astrogator propagator to create interactive spacecraft maneuvers and trajectory design.

Check out the full list of tracks to complete the Grand Master Cert.