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Open architecture, open data formats, commodity web-based visualization are industry requirements for large-scale solutions. AGI is proud to be the founders and driving force of the Cesium open-source project.


AGI has a mature heritage of mapping space and time for the aerospace community. And along this journey, we became pretty good at 3D visualization. We had a front row seat to witness the massive amount of 3D data flooding most every industry due to affordable 3D sensors coming online. With all this data, naturally people want to do something with it. This motivating factor pushed us to create the Cesiumjs open-source project, build tools and services to help create awesome Cesium applications, and to implement world-class solutions.

AGI leverages Cesium as a key component to our enterprise solutions. We use a Cesium-based client to provide browser-based 2D and 3D visualization. As a matter of fact, we’ve built an entire enterprise platform around the Cesium ecosystem to support disparate users all from the same server for a fully secure, scalable, reliable, and platform-independent architecture.

Open Source Cesium

Cesium is an open-source JavaScript library that enables you to create, web-based, 3D geospatial applications. Since we built Cesium in the open, you’ll always have insight into features, bugs and the roadmap.

Some highlights of CesiumJs include:
  • 3D globe, 2-D map and Columbus view (2.5-D) within one API
  • Platform and browser independent
  • High-precision math and time API for dynamic geospatial visualization
  • Realistic environment features - atmosphere, fog, sun, sun lighting, moon, and water
  • Supports open formats for terrain, imagery and vector data
  • Optimized for content streaming from

The Cesium community has asked for help acquiring, curating, and processing 3D data into re-useable open formats. is an online subscription service built to help you leverage geospatial content as well as create world-class cesium applications. provides you the ability to host your 3D data, subscribe to curated content and leverage cloud-based services to publish your personalized app.

Some highlights of the subscription service include:
  • Upload, manage, and convert your own content into open formatted streaming services
  • Access to curated geospatial content
  • Web app for building, stylizing and publishing Cesium 3D maps
  • On-premise and private cloud options available
  • Tiered pricing model based on storage requirements

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