Space Operations

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AGI’s space operations products support a variety of operations use cases, from daily catalog processing to advanced threat analysis.

The Space Situation Awareness (SSA) Software Suite is a full, enterprise-level turnkey solution to enable Space Operation Centers to conduct catalog processing, including Observation Association, Maneuvering Processing, and Orbit Determination, as well as more in depth Conjunction Analysis and Event Processing (e.g. Reentry, Deorbit, and Closely Spaced Operations).

Space Event Generator (SEG) allows non-expert operators to quickly develop accurate, physics-based scenarios of common space events, from single object maneuvers to complex, linked, multi-object interactions, using simple, GUI-based operator workflows. A powerful new tool to support Test, Training, and Exercises.

Space Object Threat Assessment (SOTA) decreases risk to satellite missions and increases survivability against threats by assessing a space object’s vulnerability to another object’s actions or events.

Maneuver Processing Tool (MPT) An ODTK plugin that automatically characterizes non-cooperative maneuvers. MPT enables orbit analysts who encounter non-cooperative maneuvers to quickly solve for the maneuver characteristics, maintaining track custody of the space object and informing operations.

Voyager is an interactive mission design tool that helps analysts plan, examine, and evaluate missions that include an inspector spacecraft operating near and around another spacecraft or resident space object.

Technical Details