Development Tools


AGI’s software development kits (SDKs) allow you to build applications on top of our proven technology or extend existing applications with functional components of our core technology. The same capabilities used by thousands of engineers through STK desktop products are exposed through a full-featured Application Programming Interface (API). The SDKs include documentation, reference applications, and tutorials that show you how to build mission-specific workflows or cloud-based services, create new applications, or embed our technology into existing applications.

Our software development kits are offered in two development forms – application engine and component libraries. Selecting an engine- or component-based solution ultimately comes down to a single factor; whether your application demands STK business logic (like the concept of an STK scenario, object management, prebuilt reports, etc.), or whether you need only specific functions or web services. The STK Engine provides all functionality along with the application logic that ties those functions together. Components, by contrast, provide only the functional pieces and give developers the freedom to define their own business logic.

Additionally, for a browser-based visualization client, AGI is also the founder of the open-source Cesium 3D development environment. For more information on Cesium please visit

Key Features

  • Open, scalable architecture
  • Enterprise integration
  • Thin or thick clients
  • Server and desktop applications
  • Web services

Check out these sample web applications built with our development tools.

See how STK and its optional modules are used in a variety of land, sea, air, and space applications

Technical Details

Once you have STK installed, evaluation licenses to most modules or extensions are available at any time, either through the registration process or by request.

How it is applied

Check out some of the land, sea, air and space applications and customers that use our technology.

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